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Welcome to BackFit Health + Spine's neck pain Hendersonville NC Archive. Here you can learn more about BackFit Health + Spine, Physical Medicine, and Dr. Daniel Mick, today's choice for Chiropractors in Hendersonville, NC. Read Dr. Daniel Mick's Physical Medicine neck pain Hendersonville NC for the health of it.

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Rotator Cuff Injuries in Hendersonville

Shoulder Pain Hendersonville NC Rotator Cuff Injury

Are you sitting on the sideline for some of your favorite activities due to a shoulder injury that is making many routine activities challenging and painful? Or have you played through telling yourself it will heal or you will address later? Be warned! It could be an injury to your rotator cuff! Your shoulder injury that ...


Hendersonville’s Whiplash Warning Light

Hendersonville NC Whiplash Treatment

The roar of an engine!  The roar of the crowd! The roar of wind racing by as you hold on and enjoy a day at an amusement park.  Life today is fast and we play hard.  Unfortunately today’s fast lifestyle can have a traumatic effect on your health. The injury suffered is most often described as ...


Holiday Stress Headaches Now?

Migraine Hendersonville NC Stress

Enter any store and mall, and there are already signs of the upcoming seasonal holidays. However, this season's good cheer does not need to include tears, neck pain, shoulder pain, stress headaches, and a weakened immune system too. Let's face it the combination of the wrong food, too much alcohol, late nights, rushing ...


Tips For Faster Injury Recovery

Back Pain Hendersonville NC Sciatica

Are you sitting or standing on the bench due to an injury? For most athletes and health enthusiasts, recovering from an injury can be a workout in itself. For a serious athlete, being told that you have to reduce or halt activity altogether to let a bone or muscle heal is equivalent to torture. ...


Are You In Pain Solution Paralysis?

Chronic Pain Solutions Hendersonville NC Low Back Pain

Do you suffer in pain? Do you very carefully balance between managing pain versus giving up and crying, "It is just too much?"  If this is you, read on for helpful information to better help you understand and choose the from best pain solution options from the experts in treatments of headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other ...


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